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Welcome to Help 4 Debt!

We can help you deal with your debt! If you struggle to make payments on your accounts, Help 4 Debt can help you by providing a professional Debt Counselling service that will work for you.

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Features that you are gonna Love

Debt Counselling provides these features that will benefit you.

All Accounts Included

We include all off your accounts including your house, car, store and credit cards, personal loans and overdraft.

Provision for Living Expenses

We make provision for your necessary living expenses including food, insurance, travelling etc.

One Monthly Repayment

We restructure all your accounts into one monthly repayment amount. Our Payment Distrubition Agent then pay all your accounts.

Arrears on accounts

If some of your accounts are in arrears, the arrears amount is also included when we work out your repayment plan.

Interest Rates

Although no credit provider is obliged to reduce interest rates, most of the time they do when you apply for debt counselling.

Legal Protection

Debt Counselling is regulated under the National Credit Act and provides you with great legal protection. Our Attorneys apply for a court order on your behalf.

Court Order

Our Attorneys will apply to the Magistrates Court to declare your repayment plan a court order. This provides you with protection for the full repayment term.

Duration of Debt Review

The initial process takes 60 working days. We believe in responsible debt counselling and therefore most accounts including a vehicle should be paid in 60 months.

Clearance Certificate

When all your accounts are paid up, you receive a Clearance Certificate and your name is cleared with Credit Bureaus.

Section 129 Notice

Section 129 Notice.

Did you receive a Section 129 Notice?

A Section 129 Notice is sent to you by a Credit Provider to inform you that your account is in arrears. You then have 10 days to make an arrangement on your account or to see a Debt Counsellor. Don't wait if you can't pay your accounts on time.

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Why choose Us

At Help 4 Debt it is important for us to ensure our customers receive the necessary individual care, support and understanding that is required in their personal financial matters. We pride ourselves in providing a professional and confidential service.

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Our Mission

We are committed to provide the most professional, confidential and responsible Debt Counselling service to our customers. We want to ensure that our customers remain in good standing with their credit providers and reach their goal towards financial freedom.

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What you get

When you apply for debt review we notify and negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf. We constantly deal with any queries and monitor payments and balances. We request paid up letters when an account is paid up. We keep you updated!

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What Our Clients Say

Customer Testimonails

If it was not for Help 4 Debt, I would have lost my house. Thank you for all your help.

Customer Testimonails

I am so glad I applied for Debt Review. It feels wonderful not to have anymore debt and you were always friendly when I had questions. Thank you.

Customer Testimonails

Trusting Help 4 Debt was the best thing I ever did. I couldn't handle the calls anymore. Now I know my accounts are paid and I don't stress anymore.